Embrace Your Desires – In BBQ, Dating And Life

We all have desires. Whether it’s for a juicy flame broiled T-bone steak, a rack of falling off the bone ribs, or a beautiful woman, it is only natural to experience these feelings of almost uncontrollable lust. What matters is how we respond to these desires. Do we try to ignore them? Do we suppress them? Or do we let them guide us?

I feel that the healthiest way to deal with these primal desires is to recognize them for what they are, and then to embrace them as a natural part of the human condition. No, you can’t eat every last piece of brisket, and you can’t seduce every beautiful woman who crosses your path, but you can acknowledge your feelings of desire and feel good that you are having these feelings because that means that you are ALIVE!

When it comes to dating, if you go out on a date and you find the woman you are with to be immensely attractive physically, it is not surprising to find yourself hoping that the date will end with the both of you together in bed. Though there is nothing wrong with this at all, as it is a natural healthy desire. That said, it is better for you – and your prospects – not to assume that this is what the girl that you are dating has in mind too. Do not be too sexually aggressive. This may just reduce your chances of getting laid – either after this date or after subsequent dates with her. If you turn her off by showing that getting her in bed with you is all that fills your mind, you may not even get the chance to see her again after this night.

Repeatedly expressing how much you find her sexy and attractive, without even physically touching her, can count as effective foreplay with most women. Try to tease her mind, and you just might put her in the mood for some physical expression of this attraction. Start slow. Touch her a bit timidly and hesitantly at first. If she seems open to your touch, make tentative caresses. Demonstrate to her that although you are immensely excited by her, you are willing to rein in your excitement. Small teasing strokes will subtly stoke the fire and increase your chances of getting more intimate as the night progresses.

When it comes to food, obviously you don’t need to consider your food’s feeling. Instead, consider how eating too much food will make you feel in the long run. Again, it is important to pace yourself. Just because you desire something doesn’t mean that the object of your desire is really in you best interest.